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. this is really awesome, this project orca. >> yeah. >> stephanie: that romney was depending on for the win. the bitter irony it gutted -- [ inaudible ] in a far off place. >> sounds like communism. >> yeah, it's the program that we mentioned last week on the show, the big technological advance get out the vote project, and it failed miserableably on several different levels. >> stephanie: right. it's harpooned on a beach. >> giant whale yes. >> stephanie: we have something like that and it's called nate silver. >> and he worked yeah. good morning, everybody, seven navy seals are being disciplined for giving classified information to video game maker electronic art. the seven are members of sale team six known for killing osama bin laden. the seals worked as paid consult acts help them develop the game medal of honor war fighter. it does show other realistic ops garnered from classified information, and while the specifics are not entirely clear, their participation does also violate the unwritten but undercode that seals are supposed to be stealth warriors. the seven ha
the presidential candidate mitt romney said it's gone? >> yeah. so he was not watching tv, actually. he was in a room with his family, his five sons, the daughter-in-laws and he was getting updates from his campaign manager, matt rhodes. these were not looking good and they were looking to see what the options were and finally he realized -- he hadn't actually even written a concession speech and it was over. >> let's talk about the obama campaign in ohio state. what happened out there? >> i went to ohio state on halloween night. it was a night when college students should probably be doing anything else but voting but the obama campaign had these bus and they were bussing people out in franklin county to go vote early. it was a lively scene, be loud music. after they voted, the obama campaign had four or five people whacking down each row and gathering data on each student who had voted, asking their names, if they can volunteer on election day and gathering information. so the next morning i sat down with the rahm campaign, people on the ground in ohio and asked them, are you guys doi
to be popular. romney ran away from cut their taxes. yeah. there'll be some domestic spending restraints. not raising the retirement age. one of the reasons i'm glad i'm not running again, when i tell people, i don't think a woman who started waiting on tables at 18 and still carrying heavy dishes in and out of a hot kitchen when she's 66, i don't think she ought to have to work another five years. i'm not saying that just because i'm a politician, i ain't one anymore. clearly some republicans with a sense of survival who understand you have to have some revenue increases on the wealthy, military cuts and spending restraints elsewhere. the question is will any of them break with the party? what we have to say to republicans, do you now not understand what happens when you let crazy people win your primaries? i don't know if i ever showed you my bumper sticker i made up some of our friends, ourselves we think the president could do a little more in some areas. it said vote democratic, we're not perfect but they're nuts. maybe now the answer is will the dick lugars, the ones remain in the
was mitt romney's message? dev a message? >> yeah. >> what was it? >> mitt romney's message is, i am going to take away medicare from everybody under 55. i'm going to cut medicaid for everybody by about one-third. and i'm going to do that in order to finance a giant tax cut for me and my friends. and the reason i'm doing that is because half the country contribute nothing to our national endeavor. that's his message. >> well, you know, if you put it that way, david gregory, maybe it's not as unifying a message as the republican party once thought. actually, there are a lot of people that are going to be wringing their hands and talking about why the republican party lost. a lot of talk about demographics. but i boil it down to this. they can't figure out how to make their message relevant to an 18-year-old latino voter, but they can figure out a way to make it relevant to a 65-year-old white guy in the south. i mean, if you believe in conservatism, you believe, like i believe and i'm sure like david believes, that it's relevant to all americans. >> i disagree with david a little bit in thi
, and people believed him. did it work? hum, i don't think so. >> yeah how did that work? >> i don't think john mccain got elected, did he? >> no, i don't remember him winning. >> and i don't remember this guy -- mitt romney getting elected either. so then karl rove comes up with this american cross roads idea. of course the supreme court gave him a big give in citizens united, so they could raise this millions and millions and millions of dollars, and support all right-wing candidates and throw them into senate races, house races and the presidential race. and then karl rove goes on and some of the stuff he said -- he was so wrong. it's unbelievable. the "washington post" yesterday had a -- a whole series of quotes about how wrong they were -- and he is a commentator on fox news which is a huge conflict. he is out there raising money defeat obama, and then he has out there supposedly a political pundit and then he writes for the wall street journal. he wrote in the final days of this presidential race, the polls favor mitt romney. no they don't. no they didn't. he was again
than romney? >> jeb bush. >> jeb bush. interesting. you're sort of an establishment republican. >> yeah, of course. i'm not a tea party. i will say though i think the tea party reaction was a reaction not to what bob was saying, but a reaction to big government, much of what -- >> you're -- okay. look, i think jeb is the best of that family in many ways, but let me tell you something. it's not a bad family, but he's certainly the best of them. let me tell you the problem with what you said, feary, and gave away. this is a dangerous thing you have given. one of my little speech notes i give when i talk to groups is just think about the country we're in. from the time i paid attention to politics in 1952 to 2004, the same three names showed up on every republican ticket, nixon, let's see, bush, then filling in the blanks, bob dole and back by popular demand in '96 bob dole. now you're saying the solution to the republican future is bush. it's a legacy. can't you broaden it out beyond the anglo-saxon names bush and dole and nixon. can't you get out wider? >> chris, let's not kid ourselves.
romney's staff briefly published the victory website by mistake. yeah, republicans called it an embarrassing error and big bird called it the scariest two minutes of my life. >> presidential elections are not about voting who gets to run naked through the white house in the my will of the night. i'm looking at you, eisenhower. >> i always wonder what the day after the election is like for the candidateneddidate who loses. gets so close to becoming >>> damages from superstorm sandy could total $50 billion with a b. so what can new york do to fight off the next giant storm? renowned scientists have answers when "cbs this morning" continues. has some answers when cbs "this morning" continues. chili's $6 lunch break combos. a big lunch doesn't mean a big price. start with a savory soup or a fresh salad. then choose a texas toast half sandwich, like our classic turkey, served with fries, all for just 6 bucks at chili's. [ tylenol bottle ] nyquil what are you doing? [ nyquil bottle ] just reading your label. wait...you relieve nasal congestion? sure don't you? [
investors. the other part of equation, melissa. melissa: yeah. >> as you know president obama has said very nice things about ben bernanke whereas mitt romney had basically said i'm going to fire that guy if i get elected. this probably means a continuation of this kind of easy money policy. one of the things that people might want to look at investing in, if we continuation of these really low interest rates and this flood of money is commodities like gold. melissa: yeah. that's a great point so at the end of the day, yes or no, best or worst, is this the worst lech ship for the stock market ever? >> ever? thatas probably when herbert hoover was elected in 1989. this not the -- 1928. this is not the can ideal outcome. who knows. maybe barack obama will learn the lesson, melissa from his first term and maybe he will actually govern from the middle. hope springs eternnal. melissa: yeah. no. >> give him the benefit of the doubt, come on! give him a honeymoon. melissa: he will govern from the middle. i can feel it. thanks, steve moore. thanks for coming on. thank you. melissa: no. what the pr
, the public is with me. >> yeah, but david, to gloria's point, all this election we heard from both candidates, mitt romney and from president obama and from all their supporters that this was a very clear choice, that the choice couldn't be clearer between president obama who wanted to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans, mitt romney, who did not, and yet now that the choice has been made, all of a sudden we're hearing from a lot of republicans saying well, that's not the choice the american people made. >> anderson, i would respectfully say that both parties intentionally muddled the choice during the campaign. neither candidate set forward a comprehensive agenda for dealing with the deficits and it's now incumbent on both parties to do that. i think we have no choice. i think gloria's right. the president ought to set the tone. i also think speaker boehner, speaker of the house, he's got to come forward. they, too, ought to be sitting down together along with two or three other leaders in the next 48 to 72 hours -- >> it doesn't sound like -- he made a statement about obama care being t
agree with that? >> yeah, that's the second part of the equation. that is we had a candidate who was forcefully the biggest issue of this election, which was obama care, on the table. because he had romney care to deal with. and if we had been able to so as the center right coalition, if the candidate had been able to take barack obama to task for one of the most unpopular laws this country has ever passed, then i believe that we could have been successful in ousting president obama. >> steve latourette said he disagreed, when i asked him was that the problem was the conservatism of mitt romney, he said that the tea party's position on this was wrong. he actually said crap but i'll play what he said. >> there's one more phrase we use in ohio for that crap, and that's nonsense. and, you know, if you look at what happened. we lost charlie best and frank ginta in new hampshire. the republican party cannot be a national party if we give up the entire east coast of the united states and say that there aren't any -- we don't have any republicans in new england. we don't have any republ
circumstances he would have been a lock for the president. >> yeah, president clinton, newt gingrich, they all go on and do just fine. >> thank you, fran, for doing that. the second guessing goes on about the reasons for mitt romney's defeat. we'll talk about the state of the republican party and whether it's stuck in the past. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. >>> right now republicans are a wash in theories about why mitt romney lost the presidency. >> some party members are raising concerns that the gop is stuck way, way in the past. let's bring in the former bush speech writer, david frum. what's the answer? why did mitt romney lose? >> he is not lose because of just a bad campaign or defects as a candidate. let's start with this fact. since 1988 there have been six presidential elections. now you look from 1968 to 1988, the republicans won five of those elections, and over the whole six, including t
the ones that have no ability whatsoever in some of the exotic party. yeah, we are going to hear a bunch of people with iq's lower than room temperature say that mitt romney lost because he was not conservative enough. but i think after republicans go through their seven stages of grief, they can get to a point where they can make some changes if they will be a party for the future. >> thank you, charlie. we enjoy being here. we're trying to say something that is interesting and thoughtful and novel hours after the polls close. i hope i come close to what he said. i really wanted to come out here. i really wanted to come out here and say -- i just heard what charlie said. there is not one thing i agree with. he is absolutely wrong about everything. i never say that. we always agree. [laughter] we are in general agreement on what happened. politics is so much about expectations. expectations changed out the cycle at various points. if i told the we were going into election day and it was a -- you would have been surprised. before the first presidential debate -- after bill clinton walked
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)

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